West Virginia Health Improvement Institute

A non-profit group that specializes in improving the health care of West Virginians, West Virginia Health Improvement Institute functions as a statewide collaboration among several stakeholders. They aim to improve the health of West Virginians through united initiatives focused on improving promotion and access of healthy lifestyle choices, wellness and optimum evidence-based management of chronic illnesses.

West Virginia Health Improvement Institute supports taking part in practices that pursue the “Triple Aim” that includes controlling and reducing the overall healthcare costs, boosting the healthcare experience of patients and improving the public’s health. The group helps physicians in the implementation of HIT or Health Information Technology. They provide physicians with the technical guidance needed to boost their quality of care, through the integration of electronic health record systems.

The Institute also believes that achieving significant use of Electronic Health Record systems (EHR), for physicians, starts with purchasing certified EHR software. With the sheer number of EHR vendors and software programs, picking the right choice is a time consuming and daunting task. The Institute guides physicians through the process of selecting and implementing the right EHR software. West Virginia Health Improvement Institute also supports the improvement of health information exchanges.

The Institute does not recommend any EMR vendors. However, some regional extension centers have offered a list of preferred EHR vendors or prequalified EHR vendors. These EHR vendors consist of a select group of electronic medical record companies that went through a substantial selection and qualification process. They have shown dedication to the advancement of health information technology. The prequalified EHR vendors adhered to a higher level of interoperability and functionality – allowing more valuable use of EHR software. They are also offering discounted prices as well as consistent terms and conditions, to ensure a smooth and fast implementation of these systems.